This website is geared towards high-income earners who want to improve their knowledge of personal finance in an effort to build generation-bridging wealth. If you want to go from being rich to wealthy, or from being a HNWI to an UHNWI, then please pull up a chair and plan to stay a while.


We are two friends who met in medical school. We each have a deep interest in personal finance and started this website to educate ourselves and others.

Mark Eid

Mark P. Eid, MD, MBA is a Mohs surgeon who started and sold his own dermatology practice. He’s a veteran real estate investor with experience in development and property management of a portfolio that includes residential and commercial properties. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and reading about tax law.

Stephen Chang

Stephen W. Chang, MD, MBA trained as a breast radiologist before changing gears to medical practice management and healthcare consulting. He’s a savvy investor who prefers portfolios emphasizing simplicity and tax-efficiency. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football and lifting weights.